After 20 years in the holistic food industry and six years at Google as a Health Educator and Vegan Chef, Elizabeth Schindler started Ecor Holistic Food with her life partner David Hott. They are both deeply committed to helping you find Nourishment of your body; mind and spirit that will Connect you with your Healthiest, Highest, and most fulfilled Self. In this state, you are equipped to bring healing to your Community and world, living the Vision of health that Inspires change.

Elizabeth is a Certified Health Coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a Professional Chef with a Culinary Arts degree from Johnson and Wales University. Her education and experience have equipped her with cutting-edge knowledge of holistic nutrition, integrative health coaching, and a disease prevention approach. As a Health Coach, she works with clients like you to help you make gradual dietary and lifestyle changes that create real and lasting results.


This wouldn’t be possible without the quiet and steady leadership of David Hott. David brings close to 25+ years of retail management experience, with the last 18 years of his experience within the health care industry. David has taken the helm as our Chief Executive Officer, where his intuitive approach supports and upholds our mission, vision, and values. His many experiences provide a unique set of skills to assist with the leadership of our company. His financial and marketing expertise provide the foundation that make it possible for Ecor to continue being of service.


Path to clear thinking.


For many years, both Elizabeth and David struggled with addiction and depression, but have found happiness and peace of mind with this model of health. They are proof that the right foods and lifestyle choices create a path to clear thinking and Intuition. This Intuition has brought the Offering of Ecor so that you may find your own path to thriving Nourishment too.